University of Nebraska - Lincoln                       5/7/2016 - 6:44 PM
            2016  Nebraska Invitational - 5/6/2016 to 5/7/2016            
                          Ed Weir Outdoor Track                           
                            Lincoln, Nebraska                             
Event 14  Women Javelin Throw
 As long as a preliminary attempt is made                                 
 each competitor will advance to the finals Rule 6-2.6                    
 6 Straight Throws                                                        
     Ed Weir: S 55.21m  4/15/2006   Kayla Wilkinson, Nebraska 181'2"      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Rohde, Siera                 NEBRASKA                39.88m     130-10
      39.47m  39.88m  38.77m  37.60m  38.47m  37.98m                      
  2 Tweedy, Shauna               NEBRASKA                39.01m     128-00
      35.88m  36.22m  30.16m  32.27m  34.31m  39.01m                      
  3 Adams, Megan                 NEBRASKA-OMAHA          37.10m     121-09
      31.53m  35.13m  33.77m  33.56m  37.10m  35.07m                      
  4 Doeschot, Lauren             NEBRASKA-OMAHA          34.88m     114-05
      31.79m  32.96m  34.88m  33.20m  31.99m  FOUL                        
  5 Carden, Kelley               NEBRASKA                30.75m     100-11
      29.53m  28.21m  28.74m  30.49m  30.75m  29.79m                      
  6 Carr, Ashleigh               NEBRASKA                25.30m      83-00
      20.11m  25.30m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL