Delta Timing Group - Contractor License               3/31/2017 - 5:56 PM
            2017 Pepsi Florida Relays - 3/30/2017 to 4/1/2017             
                          University of Florida                           
                            Percy Beard Track                             
Event 58  Men Hammer Throw College Invite
       Track: T 77.67m  1986        Jud Logan (254-10), NYTC              
      Relays: R 77.67m  1986        Jud Logan (254-10), NYTC              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Diego A. Del Real            Mexico-FMAA             75.03m     246-02
      FOUL  FOUL  70.82m  73.90m  FOUL  75.03m                            
  2 Kibw Johnson                Nike                    73.69m     241-09
      63.25m  70.14m  69.05m  FOUL  FOUL  73.69m                          
  3 Elias Hakansson           SR Alabama                 70.64m     231-09
      67.37m  69.21m  68.10m  67.89m  67.66m  70.64m                      
  4 Dempsey McGuigan          SR Ole Miss                69.45m     227-10
      66.99m  FOUL  68.67m  FOUL  68.68m  69.45m                          
  5 Stevan Veselinovic        SO Charlotte               68.22m     223-10
      51.42m  FOUL  67.67m  67.51m  66.39m  68.22m                        
  6 Clarence Gallop           SR South Carolina          66.79m     219-01
      65.09m  66.79m  66.65m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                            
  7 Josh Davis                JR North Carolina St.      66.68m     218-09
      63.52m  66.68m  65.27m  65.90m  64.52m  FOUL                        
  8 Cameron Brown             SR Tennessee               66.47m     218-01
      63.93m  66.18m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  66.47m                            
  9 AJ McFarland              SO Florida                 65.34m     214-04
      62.26m  64.45m  65.34m  61.11m  FOUL  64.86m                        
 10 Zach Blahnik              SR South Alabama           63.86m     209-06
      61.08m  63.86m  60.70m                                              
 11 Logan Bryer               JR Kentucky                61.26m     201-00
      60.19m  61.26m  59.11m                                              
 12 David Cline               JR Kentucky                60.69m     199-01
      59.80m  FOUL  60.69m                                                
 13 Carlos Mangum             SR Miami                   59.96m     196-09
      59.96m  FOUL  FOUL                                                  
 14 Kevin Conway              SR Ole Miss                58.92m     193-04
      57.14m  FOUL  58.92m                                                
 -- Charlie Ionata            SR Wake Forest               FOUL