Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                        2/22/2020 - 5:47 PM
                        2020 Kent State Tune-Up - 2/22/2020                        
                              Kent State Field House                               
Event 28  Men Shot Put
 To Follow Women Shot Put                                                          
 3 Throws Top 9 to finals 3 more throws                                            
    FACILITY: # 21.70m  2003        Kevin Toth (71-2.50), NIKE                     
    Comp#  Name                Year School                  Seed     Finals           
  1       Ehrnsberger, Chanc  JR Ohio State            17.40m     17.52m   57-05.75
      16.28m  16.16m  16.82m  FOUL  FOUL  17.52m                                   
  2       Demaline, Ryan      SO Kent State            17.00m     16.77m   55-00.25
      16.74m  16.12m  16.77m  FOUL  16.29m  FOUL                                   
  3       Amstutz, David      JR Ashland               17.00m     16.74m   54-11.25
      16.09m  16.74m  16.47m  16.13m  FOUL  FOUL                                   
  4       Glass, Jacob        SR Ashland               17.74m     16.45m   53-11.75
      16.03m  16.45m  16.07m  FOUL  16.14m  16.23m                                 
  5       Petzel, Walter      SR Kent State            17.00m     16.44m   53-11.25
      15.74m  15.94m  16.21m  16.44m  16.12m  16.29m                               
  6       Miller, James       SR Walsh                 16.76m     16.32m   53-06.50
      15.77m  16.32m  16.12m  16.21m  FOUL  15.91m                                 
  7       Detillion, Trevor   SR Kent State            16.80m     15.90m   52-02.00
      FOUL  15.48m  FOUL  FOUL  15.90m  FOUL                                       
  8       Ott, Jacob          SO Walsh                 16.85m     15.78m   51-09.25
      15.60m  15.78m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  15.58m                                     
  9       LaRoche, Cole       NA Unattached            16.00m     15.29m   50-02.00
      14.83m  15.29m  14.42m  14.47m  14.79m  FOUL                                 
 10       Lawson, TJ          SR Kent State            14.88m     15.10m   49-06.50
      14.29m  13.29m  15.10m                                                       
 11       Cornathan, Michael  FR Walsh                 14.54m     14.49m   47-06.50
      14.49m  14.39m  FOUL                                                         
 12       Koch, Noah          NA Unattached            15.00m     14.01m   45-11.75
      FOUL  12.83m  14.01m                                                         
 13       Brock, Braden       FR Walsh                 14.20m     13.89m   45-07.00
      13.89m  FOUL  FOUL                                                           
 14       Seyfang, Wesley     FR Ashland               15.00m     13.28m   43-07.00
      FOUL  13.28m  FOUL                                                           
 15       Cooper, Jalen       FR Pitt.-Johnstown       13.26m     13.08m   42-11.00
      12.69m  13.07m  13.08m                                                       
 16       Lindsay, Hunter     FR Pitt.-Johnstown       12.82m     12.36m   40-06.75
      12.36m  12.09m  12.15m                                                       
 17       Jendrejewski, Bobb  SR Westminster (Pa.)     12.14m     12.16m   39-10.75
      11.68m  FOUL  12.16m                                                         
 18       Anderson, Dalton    JR Westminster (Pa.)     11.82m     12.14m   39-10.00
      12.14m  11.54m  FOUL                                                         
 19       Martindale, Cyle    NA Unattached                       11.90m   39-00.50
      FOUL  11.26m  11.90m                                                         
 20       Linhart, Hunter     FR Westminster (Pa.)     11.79m     11.02m   36-02.00
      11.02m  FOUL  FOUL                                                           
 21       Turcol, Jason       JR Westminster (Pa.)      9.87m     10.07m   33-00.50
      9.87m  10.07m  9.67m                                                         
 --       Swann, Micah        FR Alderson Broaddus     11.88m        DNS           
 --       Morgan, Travis      JR Unattached            14.32m        DNS           
 --       Johns, Tyler        FR Duquesne              11.50m        DNS